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For everyone who wants to achieve love
Fulfilling unrequited love with your subconscious mind is now on sale!


I hope that even just one person will find love.

And I hope that as many people as possible can live their lives more happily and happily.

I put that thought into it!

Nice to meet you, my name is Meguru.

My main job is doing various things related to writing, such as editing books and consulting about them.

LoveSync Attraction  was originally created by Iruru, who operated an e-mail magazine and site called ``Onna no Komochi''.
I was invited and started getting involved in the form of renewal.

So in my case, I didn't become a sender because I had solved my own problems.

It's not like I became a spy for a long time.

He has a wealth of knowledge, having previously worked with many authors on self-help and spirituality-related books.

I started to experience it and feel it, and it was at a time when I was able to put it into words, so I started communicating it.

Once again, I took this opportunity to write my profile to look back on my past...

I guess I was the type to go my own way.

And I can sum it up by saying that I had almost no doubts or hesitations about my ``own path''.

Work, love, and hobbies: Because you think, it becomes so.

For instance, job.

When I was in the second year of junior high school, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in book publishing. Why? Because I simply wanted to create books. With such a reason, my future was set!

Of course, there were plenty of retrospective reasons, like my love for learning kanji, my enjoyment of looking up words in the dictionary, and even my habit of creating a family newspaper.

I also received compliments from my teachers on my essays. However, deep down, I always felt that my true calling was to enter the world of books, driven by intuition.

Romance is the same.

As I have mentioned in past YouTube videos, I was almost sure that「The person you fall in love with surely loves you back」.At this conceptual level, being in a relationship with someone you love is incredibly easy for you.

【No-nficiton】If I fall in love, is it a 100% guarantee that the other person will love me too?!

But after I started to understand the subconscious mind, I had a moment of profound realization. Because the subconscious mind operates on the principle of "what you think, you become." It's simply a reflection of "what you believe" that manifests itself.
When we think this,you know,if you believe that the person you love will also love you, then it's only natural that the person you love will indeed love you. That's simple!

It becomes complicated only when we coat this simple principle – "what you believe" is simply reflected – with layers of ego-driven thoughts like "I'm not attractive," "I'm not lovable," or "I'm not popular." Remove those layers, and you'll find that the core principle is inherently straightforward.

It seems like traveling also played a prominent role in your experiences.

I remember writing about it in a previous article, but for some reason I was traveling overseas a strange number of times while working in an office, and I even took many long vacations of one month or so.

I  lived a life where I was desperately defending myself for at least two weeks, even if it was only for a short period of time.

【Bonus Episode】Becoming Wealthy Through the Subconscious Mind

It indeed seems like a puzzling phenomenon – how you managed to have so much money at that time and why you were able to take such extended leaves despite working for a busy company. But even this can be attributed to the fact that, perhaps, everything started when you went to the United States during your teenage years.

I have strongly thought that  when I'm young, just make your life all about traveling abroad and seeing as much as I can!

In retrospect, that might have been the initial setting for your belief system. You've actually been experiencing a world where "what you believe" simply gets reflected.

It's quite fascinating to think that your decision to pursue a writing career, your success in love, and your ability to travel extensively while holding down a job all boiled down to simply "believing it to be so.


Such as what about the 'presence or absence of writing skills' when it comes to pursuing a writing career?,

Love is a two-way street. You must try to understand your partner's feelings, What about the money for traveling,

I am not even thinking about it.

Before even considering one's abilities for work, it's all about whether "I want to do a job related to making books." Instead of trying to understand someone else's feelings, it's about whether "I like myself" because there's no way to "absolutely" know what someone else feels. And before contemplating the availability of money, it's about whether "I want to travel."

The subconscious mind begins with what you believe.

What you think is just reflected.

It sounds like you have a strong belief system, and that's why you've experienced a world where what you believe tends to manifest itself.

Moreover, it's interesting to note that "what you believe" can often bring about outcomes beyond your initial thoughts, such as selling books, being deeply loved by a partner, experiencing a significant increase in wealth, and meeting extraordinary people.


(By the way, not connecting ability and work, understanding someone's feelings and actions with love, and considering money and travel separately is an important perspective as well.)

In any romantic relationship, it all comes down to "what you believe is what you get!"

LoveSync Attraction offers support in realizing the subconscious desires of individuals who seek to rekindle past relationships, those struggling with stagnant connections, those longing to turn their one-sided affection into reality, individuals enduring the challenges of long-distance relationships, and those facing complex romantic situations.

However fulfilling subconscious desires is「Because you think so, it becomes so. Just this.

For those who want to learn more about this, please click here.
Because you think, it becomes so! Getting back together is a piece of cake!

The arguments and turmoil at the brink of breaking up with him belong to the "past." His sudden disappearance, the "present." And the anxiety about what to do if he comes back and cheats again is the "future.

Indeed, what we're troubled by or concerned about often stems from something in the past, present, or future that bothers us in some way.

However, the power of "what you believe is what you get" allows you to decide that your feelings, such as thinking "I'm deeply in love with him," can be independent of the past, present, or future circumstances.

You don't care anybody and it's okay to decide your thought freely.

Moreover, it's a closed loop - as soon as you think it, it's already realized. Because it all starts with "what you believe." If you don't think it, nothing begins. When you think it, that's when it becomes reality.


Once you've thought "deeply in love with him" and "what you believe," it's complete, done, and finished. That "belief" will eventually seep into the landscape of reality and manifest itself.

If you think something, it will turn out that way.

No matter how negative things may seem, they can come true. Even if there's complete silence, it can come true.

Because you think yourself that you are a sweet couple with him.

It's neither more nor less than that. What you believe is everything.

What conceals it all is the ego, but once you realize that, if you simply decide to "see," it will appear.

So, don't worry. I've broken down the text and video scripts as much as possible so that anyone can understand them.

Please enjoy reading and watching them, and have a joyful experience of swift reconciliation and romantic fulfillment.

Getting back together is a piece of cake.
I support everyone's romance success.

from Meguru♡

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Nice to meet you, I'm Iruru.

When I look back on myself back in the day when I thought things wouldn't go well, I wonder if I could sum it up in one word? I thought.

A future self that shines brightly someday – keep that vision in your heart

I was acquiring a wealth of knowledge for the sake of a future someday.

I was really thinking about the future.

In the future someday, I will shine. In the future someday, I will find the perfect boyfriend. In the future someday, I will never worry about money. In the future someday, I will be happy.

For the the future someday, I spent totally at least 5 million.

It all started when a self-improvement enthusiast friend invited me to attend various seminars, workshops, and related events.


Initially, I only attended information sessions costing around 3,000 yen, but then I gradually ventured into more expensive experiences. I attended a 150,000 yen seminar, a 300,000 yen residential training, a 500,000 yen different seminar, invested over 700,000 yen in one-on-one consultations, and spent over 500,000 yen to obtain qualifications in communication skills... and so on.

I don't regret spending money on these experiences because, at the time, I believed they were necessary for my personal growth.

However, it's not about the money. It's about discovering the power of the subconscious, reflecting on the past, and feeling strongly about something in the present.

What I want to say is that I guess I've been trying to do this and that without moving from the position of ``unfulfilled''.

I struggled with love, money, and relationships, and nothing seemed to work out.

Love romance is also the same.

I confessed my deep feelings to someone I adored, but they criticized my appearance, saying things like "you're not cute" or "why don't you take makeup lessons?" They even mentioned my weight.


I tried my best to lose weight, but despite my efforts, they still said, "we can't date." This experience was enough to input the consept that it's not okay as I am right now

Another,I'm not sure why but, I kept getting involved with men who already had girlfriends, I was shocked to find out that one of them was even married without me knowing.

I think she underestimated herself quite a bit, but at the time...

It felt like I was constantly searching for solutions to resolve this situation like even though I keep being the person who doesn't do well, I wonder why things don't work out.

I also had no money.

I had my credit card maxed out with revolving payments, and I even borrowed 1 million yen from a friend for business-related expenses. I always felt like I had nothing. (But when I think about it, I did have the money to spend 5 million yen on seminars and workshops, haha.)

As for relationships,

I had some communication issues, so I was putting a lot of effort into acquiring skills to improve it.

But all of these are  a challenging position where things weren't going well,right?

Because unsuccess myself is on the base,I feel like controling it somehow.

I believe I had spent most of my life without really moving away from this mindset.

Being in a position where things weren't going well is truly painful. No matter what I did, I always felt trapped in this perpetual state of suffering.

Because I was constantly setting my ideals in the "future someday," I was essentially negating the present moment, living with the belief that I would "be happy someday."

It's no wonder that it was so painful since it's essentially a continuous self-denial.

Furthermore, I kept comparing myself to others and things, so...

I kept whipping myself saying 「I'm not still!」「This is bad」「I must do harder」 and self-denial only grew stronger.

I feel like I'm suffocating just writing this, haha, but I didn't really realize that either.

The changes after discovering the subconscious mind

After learning about my subconscious mind, I gradually became able to affirm my current self, and from that point on,I was eventually relieved and mostly, I became able to live while feeling happiness.


For example, instead of waiting for "someday," let's go to NYC now!

I have started one by one what I wanted to do someday like that.

As I became more capable of affirming my current self, I strangely found myself comparing less to others or things. As a result, various aspects of my life began to significantly improve.

Love romance has changed dramatically.

For some reason, the mysterious phenomenon of dating a man who has a girlfriend has disappeared.

The type of person I like has also changed to someone who allows me to bring out my true self.

As I think that I'm okay just the way I am,

I come before him.That sense became stronger.

My work has also conspicuously changed.

I decided to stop with the setting of "being wealthy in the future" and instead, I decided to "be happy right now."


As a result, I was able to repay my debts to my friends and clear the revolving payments on my credit card. Strangely, the competing companies in my neighborhood stopped operating, and I started receiving all of their business. Luck started piling up, and...

My own business started expanding rapidly, almost out of nowhere.

Simultaniously, I also developed good relationships with the people involved in my business.

The reason is evident.

The only rule of the subconscious mind is, "What you believe is what you get.

It is a world where what you think is reflected exactly as it is.

I realized that if it were to be reflected in any way, there was no need to cry out from a position where it wasn't happening, wondering what to do.

I decided to continue being happy from this moment now.

Once I decided, it just happened.
It was a simple story.

As you can understand if you have read this far, I feel the same way as the people who visited my site.

I think I have it.

I don't know why, but I understand the feelings of people who think things aren't going well and want to do something about it.

Instead of thinking that things aren't going well, please think of yourself as someone who is already doing very well.

You are okay.

There will always come a time when you will realize that happiness is not found in the future, but in the present moment.

The world is a world where what you think is reflected exactly as you think it is, so I want people to be able to create things in all aspects, including not only love, including getting back together, but also human relationships, money, work, and so on.

I want to support such people!

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