♡ “Decide” – Meguru’s case (Miracle practice edition) –

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In LoveSync Attraction」

Your thoughts come first.
Reality comes later.

I have already written many times.

The ``thoughts'' in ``thoughts come first'' mean ``intentions'' and ``decisions.''

For Meguru, when it comes to love, there was a long period of uncertainty when it came to ``intentions'' and ``decisions,'' but looking back now, when it came to ``work,''..but

I've been making crazy decisions over and over again, and as a result, things have always gone well.

When you're in a pinch, just sleep and wait for the reward.

Meguru works in editing, and to give you an example:

●I have never done business since becoming freelance.
●There are many jobs for famous people (there are many opportunities to work with popular items or top people in the industry)
●Almost all of the work is with the most ace editors of each publishing company.
●If you think it would be nice to work overseas, you will get a job in New York or Paris.
(I didn't even have a clear intention at all about this ← It's just my feeling lol)

Even when I had just become a freelancer and my work was completely reset, what Meguru did was

I was just sleeping lolww

Try to get plenty of sleep for a month. Something will happen in the meantime,” she really thought!

Seriously, I was sleeping all day and night, or even when I woke up, I was happily watching Korean dramas, but one day, I received a phone call, and it turned out to be an extremely miraculous story, and I am now where I am now. .

Of course, this story can also be applied to love, so if you are interested, please extract the essence of it all!

By the way, Meguru "decided" to work in editing when she was in the second year of junior high school lol

I had decided that I would become a book maker.

Meguru decided to work in editing because my teacher at the time praised me for being good at writing.

That's it lol.

When Meguru was young, everything was complicated, and since she was in kindergarten, she had been slow to change clothes, and while the other children were wearing uniforms, there were only pictures of one child naked (sweat).

My mother was worried about me and made me attend all kinds of lessons, but on the last day of my English lessons, the teacher asked me to write ``ball,'' and when I wrote ``boll,'' she softly said ``o.'' changed to "a". There were so many things going on like that lol

In such a situation, my essay suddenly received praise! !

That's when I made my decision so clearly that I can still remember it.

「I'll work on making booksーーーーーーーーーーー」

What did you do once you had made your decision?

I completely forgot about that and lived my life normally.

In order to work on making books,I don't read books (I actually hate reading), I don't write down essays (I hate book reviews so much that I can't write them),、Honestly, I spent my time doing.


It was ``determined'' that I would ``become a book maker.'

It was a ``major premise'' on the same level as ``I am a human being.''

I have never linked my dislike of reading, my inability to write book reviews, or my constant fights with my sister to ``That's why I can't write books.''
I didn't feel any rush or make any effort (hey, but it's true)

As I'm writing this, I realize that he's kind of a terrible person, lol, but I can't help it. Because it's true lol

It's an ignorant company to let me down.

 So, I'm job hunting.

During Meguru's job hunting years, there were many people who were rejected.
Meguru took many entrance exams, focusing on jobs related to print advertising, but as usual, she failed many times.

I wonder how far it fell. I think dozens of companies went out of business.

In the school cafeteria, job-hunting students are becoming more and more depressed day by day.

I could hear people all over the place saying, ``It's fallen again...''

Meguru was really surprised at this moment.

This is because the idea that ``fell = sad'' was not in the dictionary.
I was surprised and thought to myself, ``Do I feel sad when I fall?''

 So what did you think?

It's a company that has no eye for losing Meguru.

That's what I was thinking from deep within my heart! ! !

Well, there are too many tsukkomi.

To begin with, I've never had a job before, so there's no basis for this.
What kind of "company that doesn't see things" lol

But. yes. That's right.

This “too groundless” thing is important.

The evidence that “I can do the job” just comes up later anyway.

Well, that's how Meguru's job hunting ends, and it begins with her accidentally joining an advertising agency (!!), and from then on, things change again and again.

For example, after quitting a certain company and looking for a new one, I happened to walk into a bar, and the person drinking next to me happened to be the deputy editor-in-chief of a famous magazine, and as we talked, we hit it off. there

「Your atmosphere matches our magazine, so I passed the exam.」

I was told that I would be able to work from tomorrow.

For some reason, when I try to put it into words like this, there are quite a few times when I think, "That's impossible!!!"

I tried to think back on what I was doing when all kinds of miracles happened, and I decided to do it in my second year of junior high school.

I will work on making books

I just kept holding it up.

If you make a rough decision and spend your time normally, things will go well! !

When you feel like love isn't going well,

Become “the one who keeps in touch”
Became ``me who gradually became friends with you''
Becoming “me who was able to promise a date”
“(Finally) I’ve become someone I can relate to,”
Became ``I'm happy to be able to talk about all kinds of things.''
``I'm lonely because I can't talk about all kinds of things anymore.''
I became ``something is not going well with me'',
``We broke up, got together, and became the same person that was worth it.''

I feel like I end up trying to decide on the very small details right before the end.

To put it a little harshly, that's what I mean by my irresistible desire to be in control.

I think many experts have said this, but when you try to control things, only what you are trying to control will happen.

You won't realize how wasteful this is until you let go of control and become someone else's force.

When it comes to work, I don't have anything else in mind other than ``creating books,'' but maybe because I'm casual about it, miraculous and interesting things keep happening from all directions ^^

It may be difficult to let go of control, but if you just make rough decisions, you should be able to do it.

I'm so happy that I'm super in love with him and have so much fun every day.

Then you can decide.

I think that once you have made a decision, you should just leave the rest alone and just go about your day as normal without worrying about small things like getting a phone call, confessing your feelings, or starting a relationship.

After Meguru decided to write a book, it took more than seven years for her to be able to write one. (Nowadays, there is a way to become a Youtuber, but at the time, I believed that I couldn't work until I was old enough to work.)
In the meantime,

if“I’m going to make a book” (Meguru, third year junior high school student)
“I’m going to write a book” (Meguru, a first year high school student)
“I’m going to write a book” (Meguru, first year university student)
If you keep deciding, you won't be able to survive, lol, and in the process,

"I've never read a book before, so why are you trying to write a book?"
``I know that you can only write ``interesting'' and ``enjoyable'' in book reviews. That's why I decided to write a book to make you laugh.''
``I think it's too naive to write a book just because you've been praised for your writing once.''

I think he ended up dropping his intention to write a book because of all the comments he made about himself.

So, once you've decided, just leave it alone ♡

I'm not sure if anyone will find this story helpful, but I'm sure it will give you some hints (such as tips for living in good weather lol)!

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